Don Ellis

Don Ellis was a 20th century jazz musician, composer and bandleader. He started playing professionally in the 1950’s in The Glenn Miller Orchestra, then spent a couple of years in the US Army’s 7th Army Symphony orchestra.

By the early 60’s he had moved to Greenwich Village and became involved in the avant-garde jazz scene. This experience, in conjunction with travels abroad helped form his trademark exotic time-signature compositions. Bouncing around from 4/4 to 5/4 to 7/4, or perhaps 33/16 in an arrangement was the norm for the Ellis band. It was a running joke that the only thing he ever played in 4 was “Take 5

Pussy Wiggle Stomp – From the 1977 Montreux Festival

33 222 1 222 – Awesome piece written in 19/8, counted fast, like the title.

Final Analysis – From the 1970 Fillmore album, my favorite Ellis album.

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