Bluegrass Covers

Bluegrass covers… don’t laugh, don’t scoff, don’t dismiss the idea. I’ve been a bluegrass fan for decades, and have a particular fondness for bluegrass covers of music from other genres. There’s something about bluegrass style that just lends itself to adapting songs from other musical styles and applying that unique bluegrass twist to it. Rock, classical, pop, even hip-hop.

There’s some really good stuff out there, and some really bad, there’s even some that is so bad that it’s good. Some are a serious attempt at covering a song and some are pure novelty.

Anyway, here a few worth a listen…

Game of Thrones (Main Theme)Flatt Lonesome

Under Pressure – Cornbread Red

Get Lucky – The Beef Seeds

Walking on the Moon – The infamous Stringdusters

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