Abigail Washburn

Abigail Washburn

Abigail Washburn is a clawhammer style banjo player originally from Evanston IL. Hers is an amazing life story.

Long story short, after majoring in East Asian Studies and spending time in China, she intended to become a lawyer there. Shortly before that move she spent 5 days meditating at a center for Buddhist studies, which was a life-changing experience. As a result her life changed course and she pursued a career in music. China’s loss was our gain.

So, ferociously intelligent and incredibly talented, I present to you Abigail Washburn. Oh yeah, she’s married to Bela Fleck.

City of Refuge – Classic clawhammer, great stuff

Railroad – A duet with Bela Fleck.

Shotgun Blues – Can’t say I’ve ever hears a cello banjo before.

Taiyang Chulai – with The Sparrow Quartet. Chinese bluegrass?

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