Tales from the Arthritic Apocalypse

These are just the musings of some old guy who likes food, music and living life in general. I’ve been a techie, a glassblower, a bill collector, a musician… shoot, I’ve done a bunch of stuff. So here I’m sharing things I find interesting and hopefully worth sharing.

20 March 2020 – Several months ago I managed to completely bork my website, and given the current stat of affairs and my current self-isolation, it seemed like a good time to crank this thing back up and rebuild.


Music from The Walking Dead

Several of the early seasons of The Walking Dead contained so absolutely awesome background/incidental music. Not songs that were written for the show by Bear McCreary, but music by other artists that just perfectly fit moments in the show.

I always had Shazam at the ready on my phone on Sunday nights so I could find and save the songs I liked, which given the size of my TWD playlist was pretty much all of them.

The last few seasons didn’t have nearly as much in the way of not-written-for-the -show music, which is a bit of a bummer. Besides adding another layer to the feel of the show, I feel like I’ve lost a source of some great music and artists.

Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy.

Up the Wolvesthe Mountain Goats

Be Not So FearfulA. C. Newman

Blackbird SongLee DeWyze

Last Man StandingPeople in Planes

I’m a ManBlack Strobe

Obscure but Bingeworthy

So here we are, stuck at home for a few weeks. Got a little extra time for mindless entertainment, but nothing to watch? Here are some viewing ideas that might help. A few series and a few movies; most of them are are older and some are quite obscure, but entertaining nonetheless. I’m not certain where to find all these gems, but linked the sources I could find.

The Almighty Johnsons

The tale of 4 New Zealand brothers who happen to be the the incarnations of Norse Gods. Unfortunately, they are minor gods (mostly). This dramedy aired from 2011-2013 in New Zealand, is currently available through Amazon Prime and undoubtedly some other sources.

I Am Not OK With This

Sophia Lillis is absolutely delightful in her portrayal of Sidney, a typical teen girl, dealing with all the usual teen girl stuff. Well, except for the whole developing superpowers thing. Season one is available of Netflix.


Magne, his brother and his mother return to the town of Edda, Norway, where he experiences the problems of a typical, socially awkward high school student. Except that Magne is destined to become Thor (no, not that Thor) so he can battle the forces of evil in Edda. Season one is available on Netflix. There had better be a season 2!

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

It’s hard to think of where to begin when describing this cult classic. Buckaroo Banzai is an adventurer, scientist, brain surgeon, and rock star. He and his gang of geniuses attempt to thwart an alien invasion from the 8th dimension.

Banzai is as campy as it gets, and has some real star-power driving it. Peter Weller, John Lithgow, Ellen Barkin, Jeff Goldblum, Christopher LLoyd and Clancy Brown are among the stars in this witty, low-budget masterpiece.


Everything that Buckaroo Banzai is, Silverado takes it to the other extreme. Big budget, sweeping vistas and gritty, gripping drama make this a western tour-de-force. I am not a fan of westerns or cowboy movies, but Silverado is one of my guaranteed “stall out” movies. If I see that it’s on, I’m in.

Another riff on the Seven Samurai type films, it’s a story of 4 guys who come together to fight evil in a small western US town in the 1880’s.

The certainly pulled out all the stops when they cast this film, it reads like a Hollywood who’s who. Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Kevin Costner, Danny Glover, Brian Dennehy, Rosanna Arquette, John Cleese, Linda Hunt, Jeff Goldblum, Jeff Fahey… this list goes on.

If you’re like me, Silverado may just be that one “Cowboy” movie that will do the trick.

Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens is a singer/songwriter who has been involved with acapella music for over 20 years. In 1999 he co-founded the first official collegiate acapella in the state of Oregon.

Among his many musical endeavors, Peter has a Youtube Channel where he posts many multi-track video covers. For those of you who have known me for more than 40 years, tou can imagine the things we could have done with this kind of tech.

Delightful and imaginative, his videos are worth checking out.

The Greatest Showman – This is a collab with over 300 other people.

Toss a Coin to Your Witcher – Cover of The Witcher theme. Acapella dudes!

Misty Mountains – With the inhuman Tim Foust of Home Free

Bluegrass Covers

Bluegrass covers… don’t laugh, don’t scoff, don’t dismiss the idea. I’ve been a bluegrass fan for decades, and have a particular fondness for bluegrass covers of music from other genres. There’s something about bluegrass style that just lends itself to adapting songs from other musical styles and applying that unique bluegrass twist to it. Rock, classical, pop, even hip-hop.

There’s some really good stuff out there, and some really bad, there’s even some that is so bad that it’s good. Some are a serious attempt at covering a song and some are pure novelty.

Anyway, here a few worth a listen…

Game of Thrones (Main Theme)Flatt Lonesome

Under Pressure – Cornbread Red

Get Lucky – The Beef Seeds

Walking on the Moon – The infamous Stringdusters

Ivy Levan

Ivy Levan

Ivy Levan is a singer, songwriter, actress and model originally from Arkansas. She first hit my radar in her role as the usherette in 2016’s “The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

Her musical style is basically soul with synths, dubbed by some as “swamp-hop”.

Ivy has an amazing voice, makes truly quirky videos, and if those videos are any indication, her personality is larger than life.

Hot Damn – This lady takes no prisoners.

The Dame Says – Attitude all day long.

Biscuit – Dancing biscuit – ’nuff said

The Tragically Hip

The Tragically Hip

The Tragically Hip is a little band out of Kingston, Ontario. I first heard their music in the late 90’s on a CBC comedy titled “Made in Canada”. “Blow at High Dough” played during the closing credits each episode. Around since 1984, The Hip had managed, over the years, to become a Canadian treasure.

Their folk/rock/bluesy music was driven by the songwriting and vocals of Gord Downie, who, to me, had a real Michael Stipe kind of vibe going on. In 2015, when Downie was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, the band did one last tour of Canada. The band’s final concert took place in their hometown of Kingston, and was broadcast live by the CBC, on television, radio, and streamed on the internet.

There is a documentary, “Long Time Running” which follows the band through their last tour and final concert. It took several sittings to make it all the way through, it was so beautiful yet heart-wrenching.

Blow at High Dough – This is the song that got me stuck on The Hip. The title was a phrase that Downie’s grandmother used to say. It meant basically, “don’t get ahead of yourself”.

Ahead by a Century – Things our grandparents knew and taught us, they really were “ahead by a century”. Stuck in the past when you significant other is living in the present, they’re “ahead by a century.

Bobcaygeon – A song about racism and homophobia.

Ahead by a Century – Finale – This was all of Canada during the final song of the final concert.

Don Ellis

Don Ellis was a 20th century jazz musician, composer and bandleader. He started playing professionally in the 1950’s in The Glenn Miller Orchestra, then spent a couple of years in the US Army’s 7th Army Symphony orchestra.

By the early 60’s he had moved to Greenwich Village and became involved in the avant-garde jazz scene. This experience, in conjunction with travels abroad helped form his trademark exotic time-signature compositions. Bouncing around from 4/4 to 5/4 to 7/4, or perhaps 33/16 in an arrangement was the norm for the Ellis band. It was a running joke that the only thing he ever played in 4 was “Take 5

Pussy Wiggle Stomp – From the 1977 Montreux Festival

33 222 1 222 – Awesome piece written in 19/8, counted fast, like the title.

Final Analysis – From the 1970 Fillmore album, my favorite Ellis album.

The Ben Miller Band

The Ben Miller Band

The Ben Miller Band out of Joplin Mo has been around for 15 years or so, playing folk, bluegrass, country type music the band calls “mudstomp”. Traditional yet something more, instruments include electric spoons and washboard with a wah-wah pedal.

When they opened for ZZ Top, Billy Gibbons said he didn’t watch an entire openers set, but he couldn’t seem to walk away from these guys. I kinda feel the same way.

Introducing Ben Miller Band – This video helps explain what the band is all about.

The Outsider – From 2014, they’re apparently huge in Europe as well.

I Don’t Want You – A mudstomp art video? Great music!

Abigail Washburn

Abigail Washburn

Abigail Washburn is a clawhammer style banjo player originally from Evanston IL. Hers is an amazing life story.

Long story short, after majoring in East Asian Studies and spending time in China, she intended to become a lawyer there. Shortly before that move she spent 5 days meditating at a center for Buddhist studies, which was a life-changing experience. As a result her life changed course and she pursued a career in music. China’s loss was our gain.

So, ferociously intelligent and incredibly talented, I present to you Abigail Washburn. Oh yeah, she’s married to Bela Fleck.

City of Refuge – Classic clawhammer, great stuff

Railroad – A duet with Bela Fleck.

Shotgun Blues – Can’t say I’ve ever hears a cello banjo before.

Taiyang Chulai – with The Sparrow Quartet. Chinese bluegrass?